record automatische Türsysteme tr

Set record STA 22 DUO/RED

The drive unit set record 22 DUO/RED is particularly suitable for special entrances and applications using heavy door leaves. It can be used in- or outdoor. The drive unit can be fitted to the lintel, free standing or integrated in the ceiling.

A rechargeable battery to ensure emergency operation (emergency opening) is not included in this set.

Note: No door leave, casing or sensor.

Drive unit set record 22 DUO/RED without brake 102-020401204

1 x 250 kg or 2 x 200 kg max. door leaf weight
2 drive units ATE 20/200
1 control module STM 20 DUO/RED
various cables
1 MS to drive unit 200 (incl. fasteners)
+ configuration sheets and wiring diagrams